Will I fit in?
Are people going to understand me?
What if they don’t like my hats?

Sounds like the first day of school, right? Wrong. These were the questions that ran through my mind when we — the Buro 24/7 Singapore family — entertained the idea of re-locating to The Co @ 99 Duxton Road; a premium co-working space in a gorgeously renovated colonial shophouse in the hip Duxton Hill neighbourhood.

Thankfully, the crew at The Co. are a hospitable bunch, filled with a broad range of co-workers from digital start-ups to established consulting firms. Which, by the way, is not a given for all co-working spaces. And it is this harmonious diversity that really sets The Co. apart — it’s smart yet casual; sophisticated yet approachable; and serious about productivity without losing its convivial community spirit. Which is more than I can say for the naysayers in the Buro 24/7 team: “Norman, how many times must we tell you? You’re just not street enough to pull off skate brands.” Whatever. Nega-trons.

To give you an insight into The Co. @ 99 Duxton Road, here’s a day in the working life of @musingmutley — shuttling between meetings, juggling multiple website demands, and navigating the social treachery that is working with the ladies at Buro 24/7 Singapore — as told through a visual diary.

Having a barista greet you by name? Golden.

Having a barista greet you by name, remembers your order, and makes the best coffee in town? Best way to start the morning. Also, did I mention that MavRx Coffee Apothecary is literally below The Co?

Flat white, extra hot, no sugar. Buzzing.

What am I doing on the phone? Socials, Buro 24/7, checking the delivery status of my online purchases. The usual.

Fully caffeinated, it’s straight into sales and marketing catch-ups.

Norman: “Say what? You want me to host a styling workshop with Tracy Phillips?”
Michelle: “You love Tracy!”
Norman: “Do I love Tracy or do I love her chia seed puddings?”
Michelle: “You love Tracy and her chia seed puddings.”
Norman: “I feel it’s more the chia seed puddings.”

Okay, meetings.
Like, five of them.

Booking meeting rooms, stat.

JJ: “Norman, we’ve received a delivery for you.”
Norman: “Cool, what is it?”
JJ: “Don’t know, but it’s in a cooler box and marked ‘PERISHABLE’.”
Norman: “That Tracy will stop at nothing to get me to work with her.”

Lunch at the rooftop garden. With its white-washed walls and terracotta tiles, it feels like you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean. Somewhere in the Mediterranean with 90% humidity, that is.

Side note: Did you know that my new go-to combo is brown rice crackers with peanut butter? Gluten-free, lactose-free, but not #amazeballs free.

Coffee number two in preparation for an editorial catch up with the fashion team…

Andrea: “Those are just the rules, Norman.”
Norman: “I feel like you’re just making this stuff up, Andrea.”
Andrea: “Trust me. You can’t wear Supreme and Palace in the same outfit. It’s confusing. Lines are being crossed.”
Norman: “Being street is tough.”
Andrea: “Save yourself the embarassment and just don’t do it, okay?”
Norman: “Well, let’s just see what people think. I’m going to walk around and do a poll.”

Time to push out a @MusingMutley column.

Title: Why mixing and matching skate brands is the next big thing.
Standfirst: Eventhough 9 out of 10 co-workers totally disagree and can’t believe I still wear Vans.

Pramila: “So I read your column about mixing skate brands…”
Norman: “Did you like it?”
Pramila: “It’s a trend? I haven’t really seen it much to be honest.”
Norman: “Pramila, these are things you learn during an internship: What’s hot and what’s not.”

Aly: “Norman, I want to retract my earlier vote and say, emphatically, no I don’t think you should mix skate brands.”
Norman: “What? You were the only one out of 10 co-workers that actually agreed with me!”
Aly: “Because I forgot my keycard and you refused to let me into the building.”
Norman: “So you don’t think I’m onto something?”
Aly: “Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians unscripted?”
Norman: “Yes?”
Aly: “No.”

Time to lock it up and go home. Who knew that KUWTK was fake…

Check back every Monday for another @MusingMutley column from Norman Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Buro 24/7 Singapore. For more columns from @MusingMutley, click here.

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