Wedding photographer Ian Soh from The Curious Light Photography tells us what you need to know before booking the right person for the job

1. What factors contributed to the other clients’ wedding?
“Going through portfolios will give you an idea of how your wedding photos may turn out. Of course every wedding is different, the pace and activities of the wedding also will affect the photos produced. If you find something you like, ask the wedding was that day and what factors contributed to the production of those photos.”

2. What experience does he or she have?
“Experience that the photographer can bring is crucial. The energy, the ability to interact with your guests and the way of engaging you and the people on the ground — these don’t just produce good photos but also elevate the experience of your guests.”

3. What’s the photographer’s mode of working?
“Are they lifestyle-inspired, documenting as the event unfolds or as-is photographers. Or do they briefly stage the scene? With recent trends, couples tend to like unscripted shots with no staging and little posing. They allow the photographers to just document the wedding as it progresses, revealing a more authentic side.”

4. What are the photographer’s deliverables?
“Do they send you all untouched photos and only touch up on those that you have selected, or do they edit all the photos that they curate themselves before sending it to you? Will there be printed photos, a canvas or photo album? Ask if you can buy extras.”

5. What other services apart from photography and delivery are provided?
“Does the photographer work with photo booths, videographers and makeup artists? Usually, they will recommend a few good ones they have worked with before. You can be assured that the recommendations will be of a certain standard.”

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