Without foundations, there can be no fashion.

At The Co., our clients come from different shape and form. Meet Julie Cutting, Creative
Services Director at fst Marketing Communications in Singapore. Their offices in Singapore,
UK and Miami have one thing in common: the talented creators that work there. Their goal
is to understand the needs of their clients and communicate with their customers
effectively, by anticipating creatives and delivering curated solutions.
We sat down with her to learn more about her background, the innovation behind her
work, and where she draws inspiration.

Q: Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small village in the UK. My parents ran a family business, a fruit and veg shop
which we also lived above.

Q: How has your home influenced you?
Being the only greengrocers in the village, we knew a lot of people, and our customers were
our friends and neighbours. Being friendly and chatty with people was in my parents nature,
which rubbed off on me. We would always bump into customers outside of shop hours and
talk! Growing up surrounded by different people most likely influenced my ambitions. My
sister and I were always playing in the back garden with leftover fruit and vegetables
pretending to be shopkeepers. We were always creative, (even in our) playtime.

Q: Describe your path that led you to what you are doing now.
I have been working for the best part of 18 years in the Design Industry after completing a
Graphic Design and Advertising degree in the UK. My career started off in London,
where I worked for an advertising agency. I left after a year to pursue my dream of traveling
and backpacking around SE Asia and Australia. I did that for two years! I reluctantly returned
and settled back in the UK and spent a number of years freelancing as a designer and setting
up my own design company, along with a full-time contract making print Ads for a well
known low cost airline – easyjet.
When the great financial crisis of 2007-2008 hit, my boyfriend (now husband) and I both lost
our jobs. We packed our bags and emigrated to Sydney, Australia and set up life there for
four years, where I worked mostly in the corporate world as an in-house graphic designer.

Q: How did you end up in Singapore?
Five years ago, still bitten by travel bug my husband and I visited Singapore for a short
holiday from Sydney to go to the Singapore F1 GP. We fell in love with Singapore! We
packed our bags again and moved here and looked for work. I found a role establishing an
in-house Creatives Services team within an Asset Management company and took on fst to
be our agency of choice for a lot of our creative work.

Q: And this led to fst?
After a few years, when the department was running smoothly, I saw an opportunity with
fst to move back to the agency side, and that is what I’m doing now! I’m the Creative
Services Director for fst Marketing Communications Pte Ltd. I run our offices here in

Q: What is your role at fst?
My role involves working closely with our clients. Having been one, I know (first hand) their
pain points and needs. Our current biggest client is Visa! I also ensure that fst grows here in
Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Q: What advice do you have for expats or anyone working in a city far from home?
After school and university, I worked in London which is a big city. I travelled to many new
cities during that time. In particular, one trip to a small city in Japan was challenging, as few
people who spoke English. To navigate my way around was an experience. Professionally, I
love the challenge of learning different business cultures. In every city, the work life balance
is different, throughout Asia and globally. Adapting to this and not trying to work against the
culture is the key to being professionally successful.

Q: Is there anything you wish you could do that you’re not doing already?
Growing fst! We are a satellite office here, with our creative studio in the UK. Having an
office suite at The Co. gives us the opportunity to expand our team as our client base grows
here in Asia.

Q: What’s your daily inspirational quote?
Smile, laugh and learn something new every day!

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