Jake Camacho is part of the growth team at Locowise – a social media analytics and reporting platform for agencies. He is also the co-founder of Cream Team Productions, an events company in Singapore. They are best known for their Sunday pop-up party series, Ice Cream Sundays.


Q – Describe Ice Cream Sundays in a sentence.

Sunday afternoon parties in unique and unexpected venues, with funky music, good food, and lots of drinks.


Q – How did it all begin and where did the name Ice Cream Sundays come from?

It began as many things do – with a drunken conversation on a night out!

I was at a club with my old schoolmate Daniel and, if I recall correctly, the music selection that night was a bit ‘questionable’. This got us talking about the state of the Singapore party scene, and it wasn’t long before we were fantasizing about throwing our own events. Ideas turned into plans and few months later, we held ‘Ice Cream Sundays: Volume 1’ on a small apartment rooftop in Geylang.

Everything kind of grew organically after the success of that first event. We’ve since produced another twelve Ice Cream Sundays parties and are currently working on the next edition.

We knew that we wanted to throw parties on Sundays, and thought they would be more memorable if there was some sort of signature food item involved. Plus, we love a good pun!


Q – What are some of the frustrations you encounter while creating each event?

Popping up in different spaces has helped us make each event unique, but it’s a constant challenge to keep finding new and exciting venues that fit with the vibe we want to create. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest frustration we face. The process is always worth it though, and I think the variation between each event is a big part of what keeps people coming back.


Q – Where can we see more of your events?

On Facebook at @icecreamsundayssg.


Q – What’s one thing we should know about you?

Because my DJ name is Toppings, I’m constantly getting tagged in Facebook posts by pizzerias and ice cream shops. It’s kind of great.


Q – Where would we find you first thing on a Monday morning?

Locowise’s cozy corner office on the second floor of The Co. Duxton. Come say hello 🙂


Q – How can we contact you for social media management advise?

Drop me an email at or knock on our door at The Co. Duxton.

You can find out more about us at (pssst… we offer free trials)


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