World of Buzz - Co Kuala Lumpur The Row
Chanel, Lancome and Louis Vuitton. These are a few of the many French words that we use quite on regular basis (especially when we're thinking of what bag to buy next girls). But have we been pronouncing them right? Let's find out from the folks at the World of Buzz. Video shot at our space at The Row. If you're looking for a filming venue, talk to us to find out how we can collaborate.
Marieke Bink - Cycling Without Age 1
A glance at Marieke Bink’s demanding schedule and one will be even more impressed that she has any time for charitable work. But the role of founder (or entrepreneur!) is one that’s dearest to her heart. Inspired by her work as an healthcare worker, she kick-started Cycling Without Age, a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage mobility in seniors. We sat down with Marike to talk about her organisation’s upcoming developments and how her charitable
Renee Tan - HER Entrepreneur
Renee Tan is the Founder of H.E.R. Entrepreneur. This month we sat down with Renee to share her journey and how she manages her time between being an entrepreneur and mother. Q - What is your favourite thing about the Duxton Neighbourhood The serenity around the neighbourhood. It's located in the city but it's away from the hustle and bustle. It's perfect when you are just a stone's throw away from most of the clients'
Jake Camacho is part of the growth team at Locowise - a social media analytics and reporting platform for agencies. He is also the co-founder of Cream Team Productions, an events company in Singapore. They are best known for their Sunday pop-up party series, Ice Cream Sundays.   Q - Describe Ice Cream Sundays in a sentence. Sunday afternoon parties in unique and unexpected venues, with funky music, good food, and lots of drinks.  
You can’t build a community without people, and that’s what The Co. is all about. Our members come together to form a community and collaborate with one another. That’s what one of our members - Zerlina Zhuang did. Zerlina is the founder of Literacy Beacons and a co-founder of Zerlina provides professional writing services to both start-ups and matured companies through her main company Literacy Beacons, helping clients to put forward engaging contents